Pizza Boy Turns Out to Be Piano Playing Prodigy

Imagine this family's surprise when the young man who delivered their pizza asked to play the piano. 


When a family from Detroit answered the door for the pizza they ordered from Hungry Howie's, they noticed the delivery guy looking at the piano in their front room.  

When they offered to let him play it, he didn't hesitate and it turns out he's piano prodigy!

The young man, Bryce Dudal is 18 years old and started teaching himself how to play when he was seven. After this video went viral, the local news did a story on him and he hasn't been playing a whole lot but after all of this attention he says he is thinking about getting picking it back up again. Look at the video below. 

I took 6 years of formal piano lessons and didn't get ANYWHERE near as good as this. 

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