What is going on at Eastman Business Park?

I am sure you are aware that some type of car related show is being filmed for Netflix at Eastman Buisness Park.  The question is what is the show?  And why is being filmed at night?  Who is behind it?  And what does it mean for Rochester, if anything? 

Here is what I know...nothing! Yup, I've read the same D&C article and have seen the same TV news casts you have.  So , I went to see for myself.  I went during the day and did see some guys wrenching on a Lamborghini Hurican.  I saw the fresh pavement with plenty of residual "donut" marks left on it, and I saw a couple million dollars worth of a variety of cars that are being used in the show, whatever it is!  

My gut says this is some kind of a reality, contestant type show for Netflix.  I say that because many of the cars that I saw and you can kind of see in the video below, are too personal.  A hot pink BMW?  Yeah, that's a custom job!  Therefore, I think the show involves local "street racers" or maybe a "drift" challenge, but I am  guessing.  Either way it is  very cool...as long as you don't live near Eastman Business Park!



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