SITW: South Carolina Booze & Sex Party

This edition of "Something's In The Water" is brought to you by a couple of teachers from South Carolina.

Brittney Whetzel (left) and Akina Andrews (right) are (were?) high school teachers and thought it would be okay to throw a spring break drinking party earlier this year with some high school students.

Whetzel took things even further by engaging in sex acts with two of the students.

She even went as far as googling "Can teachers get in trouble for sleeping with former students?” before the party, but apparently the info she got was incorrect because she is facing sexual battery charges. 

While the students were of age, South Carolina law prohibits teachers from having sex with students.

The kicker here is that she got caught by a co-worker who reported it to cops after Whetzel bragged about it in a group text. As Bill always says, people can't help but tell on themselves.

Read more about the story here.

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