Baby Buda 4 Is Here!

After having consistent contractions since Saturday at 2 AM, and a brief appearance in the DiTullio pool during Summer Soiree 2018 (God bless the Abbot's truck)

Molly, a.k.a. Mrs. By The Book Buda was finally able to convince her doctors to pull the Buda's fourth and final baby from her abdomen on Tuesday afternoon.

You may have heard in the last segment of Tuesday's show that Dale was texting in asking for a link so he could put up a blog about the teachers that threw a booze and sexy party.

That's because they were in hurry up and wait mode. They got to Strong around 10:30 AM, but didn't actually going into the operating room for the c-section until 4:45 PM.

But the time finally came and a half an hour later the fourth and final (no matter what Tools predicts) Buda baby was born.

Alexander Norman Budziszewski, born at 5:18 P.M. on 8/14/18. 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20.5 inches long. 

Molly's view while undergoing the c-section. Spinal blocked and fully awake. When Alex was pulled out of her abdomen, they pulled the blue part down and she was able to see through a clear curtain.

Alex's head emerges from the darkness!

Alex takes a deep breath and let's out his first scream.

Extreme Slimy Baby Close-Up!

Getting cleaned up and checked out by the operating room staff.

Meeting his Mama for the first time!

And first snuggles with Mama.

Hanging out with Dada while Mama eats breakfast on Wednesday morning.

While he has a squishy face, this may also be his "I'm not a morning person" face.


And finally the perfect push present for Molly.  The "Norman" middle name is for Dale's grandfather, who passed away November last year.  

Alexander got his first name from their oldest son Danny who is 6.  Danny loves the musical Hamilton, based on Alexander Hamilton, and it was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  

Miranda posted a good morning message on his Facebook page this morning and when Molly replied with a pic of Alexander saying that it was his first good morning, Miranda replied to her message!


UPDATE (The other 3 kids have finally met baby Alex)

6-year-old Danny was first up.

He even took some time to explain what he would help Alex learn (if you can't hear the video he says he will help teach him to walk, to count, and how to do his ABCs)

Danny Talking To Alex

Soon-to-be 5-year-old Morgan got some snuggle time. 

(She's really happy to be the only girl by the way)

Finally, 2.5-year-old Andrew did some close inspections as well.

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