Shanna And Brian Won The 2nd Sandals Trip

4th man Shanna went all out and created this sign which was hung over the bridge in Spencersport for the "Kimberly and Beck take me to sandals" trip.   

Here is what Shanna wrote into the show: 

"My husband and I were not able to take a honeymoon after we were married. We had a lovely beach wedding planned but Uncle Sam had other ideas. My husband was serving in the Marine Corps and orders for his deployment came three months prior to the wedding. Needless to say, we moved the wedding up, I kissed him goodbye, and he was off to Iraq. Now, 15 years and a bunch of kids later, we are loving our life here in Spencerport. We chose this location for our photo to show pride in our family and our hometown. Hoping this bridge can send my husband and I to paradise! Thank you for the opportunity!"


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