Homeowner Called Fire Department For Cat In Wall

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A homeowner in Henrietta called the fire department for a missing cat and maybe inside the homes walls. Engine 652 responded to the call and spend hours removing drywall and studs. The cat was found at the bottom layer and unable to escape. The crew was able to get the cat out safety and back in the homeowners sight. 

Checkout the video below. 

HENF Feline Rescue

Last night Engine 652, Group 1 responded for an unusual rescue. A homeowner called to say her cat was missing and possibly in the wall. Firefighters were able to locate the cat in a block basement wall and spent the next hour removing the drywall and studs of a finished basement and then carefully going through the concrete block, where they found the cat in the very bottom layer of block with his head stuck, unable to escape. The crew was able to remove enough concrete for them to be able to reach in and save the cat, who was happy to then be transported to the emergency vet by his owner. Outstanding job Gentlemen! #IAFF3738, #Henfire, #MCSOU

Posted by Henrietta Fire District on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


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