You Can Get Paid To Go On Vacation BUT...

You can earn up to $120,000 by going to and apply to travel to several different Mexican resorts that is if you're not afraid of the Mexican drug cartels

What is being offered:

"VIP access at a primo DJ set• Ushering baby turtles into the ocean• Learning to salsa dance• Trying to sing just like a mariachi• A whale shark swim-along• Setting your alarm so you catch every sunset• Checking every resort pool to make sure the water temperature is *just right*• Learning new recipes from Michelin Star chefs• Naming all the blow-up pool animals• Improving your swing on some of the best golf courses in the world• Having a pair of sunglasses for EVERY. OCCASION.• Determining how many hours of poolside lounging is too many• Trying out new luxury spa treatments• Expanding your repertoire at Karaoke Night• Tasting the difference between Blanco, Resposado, and Añejo tequila"


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