Parents Concerned After Batavia CSD Eliminate Wifi

The Batavia City School District has disabled the guest Wifi in schools and many parents are unhappy about it. Because of the change students and teachers are unable to use Wifi with their personal devices. The school board voted on the change in July, but students and teachers were not notified. Many discovered the Wifi was disabled when their was an issue on Tuesday with a cellular tower in the area. The information was reportedly published in the meeting minutes which Superintendent Christopher Dailey said were posted on the district's website. However, as of September 13, the minutes are not online. Teachers who did not want to be named said they are concerned for student's safety because cellular service is spotty. "This explains a lot," said one teacher. "I have not been able to send or receive texts at work." Another teacher is worried about what will happen if there is an emergency. "I worry about some teachers being able to use their phones in case of an emergency and others having delays or not being able to use theirs at all." After the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Santa Fe High School terrified students barricaded themselves inside classrooms. Many were texting, using social media, making phone calls etc. to find out what was happening and call for help. Superintendent Chris Dailey said they disabled the Wifi after students and others bypassed filters on the network. He said that violates the Child Internet Protecting Act. Under the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), any US school that receives federal funding is required to have an internet-safety policy. 




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