iOS 12 Will be Released Monday

Apple is releasing iOS 12 on Monday. iOS has new features including improvements to Messages, Siri and photos. There's also the introduction of group FaceTime calls - which allow up to 32 people to chat at once - and something called Screen Time. This new addition can monitor how long you are spending on your device with daily or weekly reports providing a breakdown of usage. You can set time limits on apps and time spent on a screen you can now easily setup Do Not Disturb.This will block messages and alerts at certain times of the day and can also be automatically set to stop your device going off throughout the night. When Do Not Disturb is on your device will not display notifications on your lock screen. There’s the new Measure app, which uses augmented-reality tech to enable you to instantly measure the distance between any two points simply by using your device’s camera. You can measure how wide the doorway is or how tall your child is. iOS 12 will give a performance boost for almost all devices no matter how old they are. 



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