Man Steals Dead Neighbor's Bank Card, Spends Almost $8,000 On Pizza

Bill Moran has officially distanced himself from this naughty naughty Northern Irish man.

Around January 2015, 68-year-old Marie Conlon died.  Marie was not married and had no children so no one noticed when exactly it happened.  But according to Belfast Live, her 24-year-old neighbor Robert Sharkey found out soon after and decided to break in to her house.

He's accused of stealing a number of items including a coffee mug, some batteries and about $65 in cash.  Most importantly though he took Marie's debit card and went on a spending spree until he got caught in October 2017 (Irish courts must work slower than ours).

Police say he spent her money on the following:

-£5,988.39 worth of Domino’s pizza ($7,823 American)-£3,279.80 at the Sainsbury’s supermarket ($4,284 American) £1,030 credit for his cell phone ($1,345 American)-£285 power bill ($372 American)

Robert Sharkey leaving Belfast Crown Court courtesy Belfast Live

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