Police: Predators Using Fortnite to Lure Kids

Predators are using some of the internet's most popular games like Fortnite to lure kids into dangerous situations. New Jersey State Police have arrested 24 child sex predators in a sting. New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said, “It is a frightening reality that sexual predators are lurking on social media, ready to strike if they find a child who is vulnerable,” he also cautions parents that any apps with a chat feature could pose a risk of your child coming into contact with a sexual predator. Parents should talk to their kids about responsibility using social media and chat apps and warn children and teens that who they are chatting with may not be who they seem to be. Some of the apps have age restrictions, such as the need to be 18 or older, but users can simply bypass those requirements by entering in false birth-date information. Users can appear to be any age they desire. The successful sting operation is being duplicated around the country.



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