The Batavia Dine and Dash Video

Here is the video and Facebook post from Danielle Phillips Engel who works at Miss Batavia diner in Batavia where two men owed money and walked right out. 

"Hey everyone share this as these 2 grown people owe me 20 dollars(Miss Batavia diner) for their meal that didn't pay for. During the whole video, they look at the cameras numerous times so they definitely were nervous about something and if you know them someone find his balls for him because he s out the door before she s out of her seat. Also, there is something wrong with his left leg it is bowed out a bit and his foot turns in. THIS IS MR AND MRS MARK AND JENNIFER HULL BROWN FORMERLY FROM CHILI NOW LOOKS AS IF THEY MAY BE RESIDING IN HOLLEY OR SPENCERPORT. THEY HAVE UNTIL 6 PM TO PAY 26.61 FOR THEIR BILL OR I AM CALLING THE POLICE.I just want to thank every person that shared this post and helped me find them. My husband and I with the help of our children have sacrificed every dime we have and devoted our lives to this diner. We have always worked hard for what we have never stealing from anyone and it was devastating to watch grown adults who mind you have small children steal from us without a second thought. It is with complete and utter gratitude that I thank every single person that shared this. Dani and Lance" - Danielle Phillips Engel 



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