Chris Martin Makes How Much Per Day?!?!?!

Coldplay made some big bucks touring in 2017---like almost a quarter million dollars per day.

According to their Flock of Birds Touring company Chris Martin & the other guys (Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion) brought in close to $80 million from Europe, Asia, and South America alone, plus almost an additional $3 million in merchandising from North America. 

That comes out to about $225,000 USD per day.

Keep in mind this figure does not include the touring figures for North America, and Billboard has reported that their 'Head Full Of Dreams' is the third highest grossing world tour ever, bringing in $523 million in ticket sales.  That number is only behind Johnny's boys U2's 360 tour from 2009-2011 ($736.4 million in ticket sales), and Billy's boys The Rolling Stones' A Bigger Ban Tour from 2005-2007 ($558.2 million in ticket sales).

Good new for Tools and his Coldplay hating friends though, their manager Dave Holmes says they probably won't tour again until 2021. 

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