Watch How To Get The Perfect Glam Fairy Makeup

Vlogger Madaline Pompeii has a new make-up tutorial for this year's Glam fairy makeup which is said to be this year's top costume. 

See The Video Here

Products Used In Order:It Cosmetics -- Bye Bye Redness (to conceal brow color)BH Cosmetics -- Take Me Back to Brazil palette (pink to purple brow ombre) Maybelline FIT ME concealer (10 Light) to clean under brows BH Cosmetics -- Take Me Back to Brazil palette (pink Smokey eye) + (Pink and Purple face contouring)Profusion Highlight and Glow Highlighter paletteSUVA Beauty Hydra Liner (color: Space Panda) (for white freckles and eyeliner and eyelash coating)Karizma Beauty -- Beauty Gems (bling bling)Lash Pop Lashes (style: Send Nudes)Scrap Booking flowers from Michaels and House of Lashes glue to adhereBH Cosmetics BH Liquid Lipstick (color: Endora)Pure Natural Lace Front Wig (style: LW Bali Girl 40)(color: Indi Pink)


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