Family of Parole Officer Files $50M Wrongful Death Suit

The family of a woman killed by an off-duty Canandaigua Police officer is planning to sue over her death. Sandy Guardiola was shot and killed inside her apartment by Sgt. Scott Kadien. Police responded to Guardiola's apartment after someone called to report concerns when she didn't make it to work. Investigators say Kadien identified himself, but Guardiola was lying in her bed and speaking incoherently. They say she fired a shot with her service gun then pointed the gun at Kaiden. He then fired his weapon chest, abdomen, arm, ear and neck. A wrongful death lawsuit is being filed by the family and Guardiola's estate against the City of Canandaigua, the Canandaigua Police Chief and Sgt. Scott Kadien, NYS DOCCS Parole officials, and multiple property management companies. The lawsuit alleges Guardiola was killed in violation of her fourth and 15th Amendment rights and state constitutional rights. It seeks at least $50 million in damages. Guardiola was a New York State parole officer who had been in a car accident in late summer 2017. She was scheduled to return to work on October 4, 2017, but did not respond to multiple attempts to contact her. The lawsuit also alleges Sgt. Kaiden called for back up, waiting 10 minutes before calling an ambulance as a cover up for his actions, and that Guardiola was handcuffed after being wounded. A grand jury cleared Sgt. Kadien of any criminal wrongdoing and remains on the police force. In April, an Ontario County grand jury interviewed witnesses, reviewed medical records and photos of Guardiola, and determined the shooting was justified. The City of Canandaigua said its general policy is to not comment on ongoing litigation: "We express our sympathies to the Guardiola family."



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