Joey Arena of Local Band "Ovtlier" Signs Record Deal

Starting in 2014, Ovtlier was a band project with a couple local members including entrepreneur Joey Arena. Over the past several years, the band worked hard at creating an organic buzz in the area so that they could deliver demand and a loyal following. His hard work has paid off as it was officially announced that they've signed Sony Music Entertainment/ Curtain Call Records/ Entertainment One and The Orchard.

From Arena's facebook page: 

"What does this mean? It means that after years of negotiations between several labels, building up our worth to be a “d.i.y.” machine, finding the best deal that meets our needs and now settling on a contract that we remain the rightful owners to our music as well as hold full creative control, we can finally find a place to call home.

What will come of this?- Our single “Break” is being launched to FM, College and Digital radio as we speak. “Vice” both music video and single will shortly follow come November. Followed by, “Buried Me Alive” hitting the airwaves and getting the attention it deserves. Call into your local FM and XM rock stations (big and small) and tell them you want to hear us!- Expect to see us at bigger festivals! - Expect more press!- Expect new music shortly after the new year!- Expect more tours!- Europe, our team just grew even more so out there. Our longing for you will come to fruition soon enough.

We cannot thank every individual that has helped us get to this point, every fan that we have made along the way. Every person that has stuck by our sides through all the ups and downs and anyone else we meet along the way. We could not do this without you.

Hang on, we are just getting started!"


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