Blantant Disregard Ends in Death of 3 Children, Injuring One

A 24 year old in Indiana went around the school bus and ended up killing 3 children. Children who were killed were two 6-year-old twin boys Xzavier and Mason Ingle and 9-year-old Alivia Stahl. The fourth one suffered broken bones and was airlifted to the hospital. The driver stayed at the scene and complied.  

Direct quote from ABC7 Chicago 

"I haven't seen first responders and troopers cry in a long time," Indiana State Police Sergeant Tony Slocum said. "When the children's father had to make identification of his children, that was just gut-wrenching. We saw tears today and our hearts just go out to them because most of us have children and we can't imagine the pain that he felt today. It was heartbreaking It's still heartbreaking."



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