Nebraska Congressman's Staff Whines About Sign Prank

In political name calling it's often Republicans calling Democrats 'snowflakes' when offense is taken to things said in arguments.  In Nebraska however it seems one GOP staffer is a bit thin skinned.

Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry has represented the 1st Congressional district in Nebraska since he won election in 2004.  He, like all other congresshumans, is up for re-election next Tuesday and one of his campaign signs was 'vandalized'. 

We say 'vandalized' because it seems at worst to be a classic example of sophomoric humor, or as DiTullio calls it, HACK.  Someone used tape to turn Fortenberry into Fartenberry and replaced the last part of his sign with "STRONG ODOR."

This is making national news now because Fartenberry, pardon, Fortenberry's chief of staff has gone way over the top in trying to make someone's life difficult.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Ari Kohen, an associate professor of political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln like a Facebook post from Seeing Red Nebraska (above) because while sophomoric he did find it humorous.

Dr. William Archer III, Fortenberry's chief of staff saw the post, saw Kohen had liked it and not only called Kohen to complain, also contacted the college to complain.

Kohen claims Archer threatened him, so Kohen has filed a complaint with the House Ethics Committee with audio of the phone call.

Can't anybody take a joke?

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