Homeless Vet and N.J. Couple Allegedly Made up Viral Story

A New Jersey couple and the homeless veteran who gave his last $20 to help them when they ran out of gas, are accused of making the whole story up. The trio went viral in 2017 after the couple raised raised nearly half a million dollars for the veteran. Investigators say They came up with the plot to make money. Mark D'amico and Kate McClure  raised more than $400,000 on GoFundMe for Johnny Bobbitt. They said Bobbitt, a homeless vet, helped them out of a tough spot when McClure ran out of gas outside Philadelphia.  Bobbitt claimed the couple spent all of the money later. He hired a lawyer and investigators got involved. Now, the couple and the veteran are facing charges including conspiracy and theft by deception. D'Amico and McClure turned themselves in on Wednesday. No word on if Bobbit has.



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