Woman Smears Poop on Tables to Ruin Child's Birthday Party

Talk about a party pooper. A substitute teacher in Florida has been arrested after police say she attempted to ruin a child's outdoor birthday party by smearing feces all over the picnic benches. Heather Carpenter, 42, was unhappy with the way the principal at Phillippi Shores Elementary School in Sarasota handled a complaint she'd filed, police say. So in an effort to get back at her, she showed up at Urfer Park, where the principal was hosting a birthday party for her daughter. "I saw a lady wearing a mask and had rubber gloves on," witness Michael Hutchinson says. "She had a cup of something. She was pouring it out on the tables then wiping it in. She went table to table." Police identified the substance in the cup as human feces. Carpenter, who faces criminal mischief charges, is being held on a $2,500 bond. And, needless to say, she no longer works for Phillippi Shores Elementary School. 


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