Banquet Center Business Manager Facing Charge

The business manager of the Diplomat Banquet Center where a large fight occurred is facing charges. Louis Polizzi, 48, was charged with criminal nuisance in the second degree. He is the business manager and son of the venue's owner. Police said Polizzi created an environment that put people in danger. Gates Police Chief Jim VanBrederode said the business manager and promoter anticipated 700 people for the concert January 13, but didn't have proper security in place. Police said about 400 people were at the Diplomat when a fight spilled out into the parking lot and gunfire erupted. Five other suspects have already been charged in connection to the fights that broke out during a concert. Police say they will be notifying the New York State Alcohol Beverage Control Board requesting to have the Diplomat's liquor license reviewed. The department also plans on sending video showing the bartenders spitting into the ice used in drinks to the Monroe County Department of Health. 



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