The second category for the 2019 DAMMYs (DiTullio & Moran Awards) is for "Best Monster."

In a positive sense, a "monster" is someone who takes their opportunity on-air to the fullest. In a negative sense, it's someone who may hijack a segment, or cause an even greater disruption than normal for DiTullio and Moran.

Last year's winner was listener Sheila who was such a non-monster this year that she isn't even nominated. It should also be noted that while Sheila was John's monster, all the nominees this year can be credited to Bill.

This year's nominees are:

Chad Savage- He started as an on-site engineer for live broadcasts and has worked his way all the way to creating his own theme song for DiTullio & Moran. If Chad was an NFL draft prospect he'd be called a 'high energy guy' to say the least.

Dale Buda- Dale started as the show producer on 1/1/2017 and many feel he has made a positive impact on the show. However, DiTullio sometimes feels that "By the Book Buda" is overly critical of him, specifically when it comes to live advertisements. When slighted, DiTullio also refers to the show as the "Buda and Moran Show".

Joey Brucato- Few people exude confidence like Joe Brucato. The singer/songwriter can belt out a tune, often times when he's not supposed to while in studio. Joey is also known to commandeer a ticket giveaway or two.

Racin' Randy- A long time guest of Bill Moran, Racin' Randy Salerno is a proud 315er who calls in weekly during the NASCAR season to help recap/preview the races. Randy has mentioned how he has used his D&M fame for his own personal benefit, an affiliation we won't regret unless he somehow ends up in the Time of Wayne County.

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