The third category for the 2019 DAMMYs (DiTullio & Moran Awards) is for "Best New Drop."

A "drop" would be a piece of audio that was saved for future use, usually to embarrass the person who said it. 

Below are the nominees for Best New Drop, with some brief background and then the audio itself. After listening, the voting app is at the bottom of the page.

We say new drop as in audio clips added since the last DAMMY's so the Shamokin Dunkin Ladies and Governor Cuomo explaining what cold is are not eligible since they were added in 2017.

TOOLS- GRILLING BURGERS- From April of 2018, Tools was doing a live ad for Aman's Farm Market and decided to drop this line in support of his claim that he is a grill master.

TOOLS- DUDE SHOWS UP WITH THE LOTION- From May of 2018, Tools claims that this was in reference to a listener who makes his own lilac lotion.

TOOLS- DRINK MY OWN URINE OR BILLS?- Also from May of 2018, this was a comment related to a story about a study which claimed some health benefit to drinking urine.

TOOLS- SPRAY WOLF URINE- From August 2018, this was from a conversation related to Tools ongoing battle with nature, this time as a way to keep coyotes out of his backyard.

BILL- I LIKE THE RECTAL STUFF- From October 2018, I have no recollection of what context this was in but it's just funny.

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