The fifth category for the 2019 DAMMYs (DiTullio & Moran Awards) is for "Best Running Gag".

Here are the nominees:

John Hates Fart Jokes- Tools has decided that he's above fart jokes so he takes great offense whenever audio or stories involving flatulence get played. Fortunately for him, Bill & Dale would never seek out fart stories just to make John mad.

Bill Is Jealous- At some point John decided that Bill's criticisms of some people may not be based in truth or facts, but jealousy. The quick list currently shortlist includes: Bobby Bones, Carson Daly, Tom Brady/Giselle.

The Tea Party Still Wants Tools- According to him, the only joke that he has ever written. John claims that the Tea Party is constantly hounding him because (insert punchline here). If you listen to the show, you've probably heard it already and if not we don't want to ruin the surprise.

Bills Says Steven Tyler Is Carly Simon- John claims he got stirrings from Carly Simon. Bill tries to ruin John's memories by claiming that photos of Carly and Aerosmith lead-singer Steven Tyler in big hats reveals they are now basically twins.

John Welching On His Bet With Rod- At Dan Moriarty's Wedding John made a paycheck-for-paycheck bet with Rod Baker (former Razorsharks head coach) that the Knicks would win at least 36 games in the 2017-18 season. The Knicks won 29 games that year but for some reason Tools still hasn't paid up.

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