Informant in Brittanee Drexel Disappearance Files Lawsuit

The man who said he witnessed the murder of Brittanee Drexel has filed a lawsuit against the FBI and South Carolina officials. Tequan Brown is serving a 25 year prison term an unrelated manslaughter conviction. He told the FBI in 2016 that he witnessed the Chili teen'as murder, saw her body dumped in an alligator pit. Taquan claimed Drexel was abducted and he saw her in a drug "stash house" in the area of McClellanville, South Carolina. He identified the suspect to be Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor as the man who who kidnapped, raped and killed Drexel. Brown says his family has been threatened by someone he believes to be Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor. Brown says he never wanted to be involved in the Drexel investigation and release of the information has made him a target.



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