Video: Officer Fires at Driver Through Windshield 15 Times Killing Suspect


The Little Rock Police Department has released footage from a deadly officer-involved shooting. Officer Charles Starks fired at least 15 times into the windshield of the car. Police are reviewing the dashcam footage, video from nearby businesses' security cameras, and radio traffic from the Feb. 22 incident. The officer has been put on paid leave. Police said Starks was responding to a call after a detective confirmed the car Bradley Blackshire, 30, was driving was stolen. The video shows Blackshire's car backs into a space in a parking lot, a police SUV arrives with lights on and stops nearby. Starks then walks to the driver's side window with his gun drawn and instructs Blackshire to get out of the car multiple times. Blackshire refuses begins to slowly drive away. Starks is knocked by the car and fires into the windshield four times. Blackshire momentarily stops, and Starks maneuvers in front of the vehicle, leaning on the hood. When Blackshire continues to drive, Starks shoots at least 11 more times into the windshield. He stops shooting and gets off the car after a second officer, Michael Simpson, arrives and crashes into Blackshire's vehicle. Blackshire died at the scene.


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