Pauly Meets Amanda Prestigiacomo

How cool is this? So, yesterday, at The Home & Garden Show, I'm operating my sauce booth when a young man and a young lady come up to try some sauce.

I kinda sorta halfway recognized the girl.. but wasn't sure.. so I didn't say anything.. as that happens all the time.

At some point in the conversation, Italian last names comes up and she mentions her last name being Prestigiacomo.

CLICK, in my brain, got it! That's the very popular conservative writer/personality (Daily Wire) Amanda Prestigiacomo!

While I don't agree with much of what she says (the obligatory statement anyone has to say before heaping praise on somebody of opposite political beliefs), I am an admirer of anyone who can build what she has in her large following.

She'll be joining us on The Wease Show this morning at 8:45am to discuss the findings from The Mueller report.

Here's the pic:

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