Two Sodus Girls Allegedly Sexually Assaulted on School Bus

Two families are suing the Sodus Central School District, claiming their children were sexual assaulted by an older boy at Sodus Elementary School. The families accuse the district of not doing enough to protect their children from the fourth grade student who allegedly assaulted the children multiple times when they rode the school bus. The incidents are alleged to have happened between September and December of 2018 - and were caught on surveillance camera. According to Joe Belluck, an attorney with Belluck and Fox, who is representing the families, there was no bus monitor on duty at the the time. The families are seeking $10 million in damages.The boy has since been taken off of the bus route he shared with the alleged victims, but is reportedly still in school. The families want the district to take immediate steps to prevent contact between the boy and the alleged victims. A spokesman with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office said there is no investigation going on into the alleged incidents.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images


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