LISTEN: Aquinas Teacher "Retires" After Controversial Comments In Class

The 4th man sent Kimberly some video today that was apparently recorded in an Aquinas classroom recently.

We are told that the video---which is basically just audio since it appears to be pointed at a piece of paper---is from Mrs. Oberst's Religion class in which there was a discussion about Jesus' teaching about turning the other cheek. That lead to talk about how people would react to a school shooter and that is where the video picks up.

Apparently at least one of the students left the classroom after this happened.

AQ Video

We are told that the teacher "retired" following the incident.

We are hoping to speak with a student that was in the classroom when this happened on Wednesday's show.

When we played the audio on Tuesday we got varied responses from the 4th Man:

>"Give me a break that is funny so what she's joking around or she's a little stressed out people got To over it"

>"My favorite classes in high school were classes that had a debate discussions but this just sounds like a teacher is pissed and frustrated with her students...shouldn't be a teacher"

>"Oh my God Kimberly and Beck seriously? She was joking around and I swear I heard people laughing"

>"Maybe some of these students should stop being little mouthy douchebags"

>"Im a student that had her as a teacher she was the best teacher and should not be fired for that when she was just making a point"

>"I'm a principal .. students go to long term hearings and are long term from school for comments like that"

>"It's funny when these sensitive young punks act out and obnoxious but as soon as they get spoken back to, they cry and storm out"

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