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Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Funny Response To Tweet About Looking ‘Thicker’

There’s nothing funny about the fact that the Miami Dolphins seem to be tanking this season as evidenced by the fact that there current starting QB right now is journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Of course, that is the fans perspective.

Because when it comes to QB Fitzpatrick, he is the proverbial fat and happy.

And—given the picture that surfaced of him yesterday—it’s mostly the first one as a perfectly captioned picture of a portly Fitzpatrick working out wastweeted with the caption:

“Ryan Fitzpatrick looking more like Ryan Thicksfatrick”

But like the leader that every starting QB needs to be, Fitzpatrick was quick to address the weighty matter with reporters who asked him about the added pounds… and his response was pure gold.

Fitzmagic said he’s in “peak offseason form” and blamed his extra weight on birthday cake saying he had to get through three family birthdays—all of which included cake—in the first two weeks March.

But promised, with the bulk of B-days behind him, that he would get back to midseason form.

And then the NFL can get fat on the joke of the team that is the 2019 Dolphins.

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