Our Five Thoughts - The 2019 Buffalo Bills Schedule

A few thoughts:

1) The Bills are playing on Thanksgiving!

2) The Bills have 0 primetime games. While you may consider Thanksgiving to be a primetime game, and in theory, it is, it is still a major shun by the NFL to not allow Buffalo on to any of their well branded Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night big stages. ALSO - There is still a chance that the December 21/22 game against New England which is TBD will fall on Saturday, which would also mean it gets the national stage and is thus "primetime"

3) The Bills only have 2 December games, and they are well placed. The first one is the first Sunday in December which means, if we're lucky, it will be meaningful. The 2nd one is at the end of December, against The Jets, and is in week 17. Which means if it is meaningful, we've had a great season, and will probably pack the stadium. If it isn't meaningful, we'll have an empty stadium, but at least its the end of the year

4) Interesting scheduling thing number one has the Bills being on the road in weeks 1 & 2, in the same stadium! Playing at Met Life Stadium 2 weeks in a row against The Jets and The Giants

5) Interesting scheduling thing number two has The Bills going an entire month from early October until early November without leaving home. A BYE plus three home games in a row

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