Man Beaten After Loudly Talking About Avengers: Endgame Outside Theater

1) DiTullio & Moran do not condone violence (but this case may get a pass)

2) There is no way Mr. Spoiler John DiTullio could survive living in Hong Kong.


According to Taiwanese Media, a man in Hong Kong was allegedly pummeled by fellow movie goers who were waiting in line to see Avengers: Endgame.

The infraction? The man apparently had just seen the movie and was discussing it loudly while exiting the theater, but did so within earshot of those standing in line to see the movie.

According to reports the man was bleeding from his face or head. No word on any arrests for those who attacked him.

Marvel fans, and those associated with the movie, have been aggressively trying to make sure others don't spoil the movie.

The Russo Brothers who directed the film have lead the charge with the hashtag #DontSpoilTheEndgame but that hasn't stopped some people from ruining it for others.

Bills RB LeSean McCoy is arguably the biggest offender to date after he tweeted a MAJOR spoiler on Friday afternoon (the 2nd day the film was available in the U.S.) to his ~730,000 followers.

Those tweets earned him headlines like this.

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