WATCH: Blind, Autistic 'AGT' Contestant Wins Golden Buzzer

Musician Kodi Lee captivated "America's Got Talent" judges and its audience on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent on Tuesday with an inspirational story and a beautiful song. Lee, a 22-year-old singer and pianist, is blind and has autism. According to his website, Lee is a blind and autistic musical prodigious savant. He is one of a handful of people in the world with his abilities."Born with optic nerve hypoplasia, surviving a life-saving surgery at 5 days old, and being diagnosed with autism at an early age has never stopped Kodi from reaching for his dreams," his website says. He has an audio photographic memory, allowing him to recall music he hears after a single listen. He impressed the judges so much he got the season’s first golden buzzer. He says his dream is to be a rock star performing for thousands of fans.



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