Jeopardy James Goes Down!

The historic run is over for James Holzhauer. The man who brought tons of eyes to Jeopardy due to his long winning streak, and record breaking winnings per show, has been dethroned.

Late Sunday night, the following tweet was sent out with footage of the end of today's show.

In the clip, Holzhauer goes in to Final Jeopardy in second place, and while he got the question correct, did not bid enough to surpass Emma Boettcher.

Holzhauer confirmed the leak in a tweet around 1:30 this afternoon, poking fun at Drake and his apparent endless streak of cursing sports teams or athletes that he is seen hanging out with.

While most of us probably watch it after the evening news, some markets show Jeopardy in the morning. Montgomery, Alabama being the earliest at 10:30 a.m. Eastern.

Holzhauer came in to Monday with $2,462,216 over 32 games trailing Ken Jennings $2,520,700 in 74 games during his recrod run in 2004.

According to the video, James ends up being $33,685 short of matching Jennings mark.

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