Jury Duty Part 1

So, I have jury duty today. Yepp, I have to leave The Wease Show early and be at Town Hall by 8am where I'm told I should be prepared to sit around until 5pm. I don't know how the process will work but I have so many questions.

1) Everyone says you'll sit and wait all day but don't SOME jurors have to go first? Isn't there at least a SMALL chance I get called at like 9am and get out early?

2) For lunch, they said, a fridge and microwave will be available. So is there NOT an hour off to go and grab some lunch meat? Am I gonna starve there?

3) I can kill time on my phone but what if my phone dies? I brought my charger but will I have access to an outlet?

4) Can I even be picked to be on a jury being that I work in the media? Should I mention that on my way in and hopefully I get immediately dismissed? Or will they just tell me to shut up and sit down?

5) What if I get on one of those 2 or 3 week long murder trials? What do I do about, ya know, my life? Who runs my business, does my job on The Wease Show, etc etc etc?

So many questions. HOPEFULLY, tomorrow I'll be able to updated with the answers to all of these and this will all be a thing of the past as I was dismissed at 9:01am and got to go out and enjoy a day off.

Here's the podcast I'll be listening to while sitting and waiting:

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