WARNING SUPER GROSS: Tennessee Man's Finger Pops After Venemous Snake Bite

This may be the grossest thing you've seen all year. Do not scroll down any further if you have a weak stomach.


A Tennessee man is lucky to still have his left index finger after it was bitten by a snake, it blew up, popped and leaked all over.

Austin McGee says he was doing some work in the woods and bent down to pick up some metal when he felt a small sting on his finger.

Thinking it was just a bug bite, he and a friend went on with their day.

BUT, McGee told Fox 17 in Nashville that his finger kept getting worse swelling to over twice it's normal size. At that point they popped the blister.

That's when the skin on his finger continued to lose skin.

Doctors believe his finger will make a full recovery in the next six to eight months. They believe he was bittne by a young timber rattlesnake.

The timber rattlesnake is apparently the most dangerous of venomous snakes found in Tennessee.

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