K&B Help Fix City Of Rochester's Spelling Errors In Promo Video

As you well know, Kimberly & Beck are all about fixing the wrongs in our society.

The City of Rochester launched a new initiative this week called "What's Good Rochester" in collaboration with WXXI.

In their words "What’s Good Rochester is the City of Rochester’s new social media partnership with WXXI Public Broadcasting Council in a fresh, one-of-a-kind opportunity that redefines how Rochester’s stories are told."

While some smart people like Rachel Barnhart are concerned about the ethical implications of the partnership...

...K&B are a little more concerned about the spelling errors included in the launch video.

Since talking about this on Wednesday's show the City deleted the old video, corrected it and re-posted to Youtube, but not before we grabbed a screen shot.

As you can see they misspelled "HUMAN INTREST" and right below that "BUISNESSES.

The corrected video can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

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