PREVIEW: Tomorrow's WHAM 1180 Food & Wine Show

The Newsradio WHAM 1180 Food & Wine Show airs LIVE every Saturday Noon-1pm on WHAM 1180.

Tomorrow's guest is the founder of Ithaca Hummus, Chris Kirby.

Chris was a student, looking for a business, and he did his research and realized that a trip to the grocery store might just provide him for the answer he was looking for.

He'll have his consigliere with him, Frank Cavallaro, former LiDestri big wig, who actually left his job with LiDestri to join Ithaca Hummus after working with Chris in their co-packer relationship.

Also on tomorrow's show, Cheri Davenport from Flower City Food Tours is back!

As always, you can listen to past episodes of The Food & Wine Show here:

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