Paul DeCarolis Receives 2019 Rotary Award

Last evening I had the distinct pleasure of being in the audience while Paul DeCarolis received The 2019 Rotary Award.

I haven’t known Paul for long, but I have, of course, known of his business for a long time. You likely have as well, you’ve seen his trucks your whole life. 

My first exposure to Paul was about two years ago when I joined Rochester Rotary. When I began attending lunches, I was the new kid, I wasn’t sure who to sit with at lunch. That familiar tail from elementary school right? I happened to sit next to Paul. I immediately felt I’d made a mistake, when I saw his name tag and realized who he was I thought for sure that I was way out of line assuming that I was worthy of sitting next to him at lunch. 

As it would turn out, (because I wasn’t bashful about telling Paul that I felt that way) he informed me that I was fully welcome to join him for lunch not only that day, but any other day as well. 

We spoke a bit and slowly I got to know him. I won’t pretend that we’re best friends, but I do consider him a friend, and consider myself lucky to know him. 

Congratulations to he and his beautiful wife Annette, so well deserved!

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