Keith Raniere NXIVUM Founder Found Guilty on All Counts

All-time creep and bad guy Keith Raniere could be spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Raniere founded the group NXIVM which was supposed to be a self-help group for women, but turned out to be basically a sex cult in which he would brand and starve the young women he and others recruited.

The trial lasted seven weeks, but a jury took only 5 hours to find the 58-year-old guilty on all charges including child porn, forced labor, racketeering and sex trafficking.

Raniere will be sentenced on September 25 and faces up to life in prison.


Kimberly & Beck are hoping to speak again with Toni Natalie the former girlfriend of Keith Raniere.

They spoke to her back in late March before the trial started.

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