Manager Accused Of Stealing Over $4,400 From Her Palmyra Store

The Mean Queen Of Caffeine.

Palmyra Police arrested Karen Garrow, of Walworth, two Saturday's ago (6/15) for 3rd Degree Grand Larceny.

The 40-year-old, who is the manager at the Dunkin' Donuts in Palmyra, apparently told police that she stole a total of $4,447 from the store in order to pay her daughter's lawyer's fees.

The theft was discovered on June 14th.

We call her the "Mean Queen Of Caffeine" because of a little experience Dale had a few weeks ago. Dale was in the drive-thru being a dutiful husband, waiting to bring coffee home to his lovely wife. While waiting at the drive-thru window he witnessed, and heard, Garrow berating the staff inside the store for some infraction.

Maybe the short fuse she had for her employees had a little to do with the financial difficulties she was facing?

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