4th Man Says Deputy Was Rough With Elderly Woman Having Episode In Store

UPDATE: Added podcast of interview with Sheriff Todd Baxter regarding this incident.

The 4th man sent Kimberly this video after a little incident inside his Webster Store.

The 87-year-old woman in the video entered the store and was having some sort of episode (dementia?). She was wearing a medical bracelet and was talking to herself, talking about how people were keeping secrets from her, and how she was trying to find her family.

They called 911 but the Sheriff's Deputy that arrived didn't do a great job of calming things down initially.

The 4th man said he was a little concerned with how rough the deputy was with the woman, including grabbing her arm to remove her from the back room.

Apparently it all ended with the daughter of the woman coming to pick her up.

Webster Elderly Woman

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