FOTW: Canandaigua Man Tries To Blow Up Cop Car With Molotov Cocktail

Another Freak Of the Week Candidate!

Canandaigua Police arrested 56-year-old Richard Brahm after they say he tried to blow up a cop car.

Wednesday night around 11 o'clock, the Canandaigua Police Department was on Pleasant Street investigating a disturbance. Brahm, who was not involved in the initial incident, approached the officers and was asked to leave the scene.

He did leave, but a few minutes later returned with a Molotov cocktail. He then lit it and threw it under the gas tank of a police car.

Police were able to arrest him, move the car and extinguish the Molotov before any damage occurred.

Brahm is facing 3rd degree attempted arson charges.

Richard Brahm

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