6 Year-Old Coach Ejected, Unleashes Tirade

The Kalamazoo Growlers of the Northwoods League—a summer league for college players—have the most adorable coach in the game. But don't doubt his fire…it won't end well for the umpires.

The 6-year-old assistant coach, known as"Coach Drake,"became a social media star last week when hismound visit with starter David Toth went viralon Twitter.

This week, though, Coach Drake was back in action, and he wasn't in the mood to deal with the umpiring crew at all.

The Kalamazoo Growlers shared a video on Monday of Coach Drake throwing a wild tantrum after an ejection. Obviously, it was all in good fun (and between innings), but Coach Drake went into the all-time tirade archives by throwing bats and pouring a bucket of baseballs onto the field.

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