FILF: Woman Allegedly Stabs Tire In Road Rage Incident In Greece

Kimberly says she qualifies as a FILF (Felon I'd Like to F$#*) but Beck and Dale aren't so sure.

Greece Police arrested 28-year-old Nicolette Mazziotti around 9 Friday night after a road rage incident.

Police say that she got into a confrontation with another motorist in the area of Denise Rd and Hampton Boulevard when she used a knife to stab the victim's front tire and then left the scene.

The victim initially didn't press charges but 10 minutes later officers were called back after the victim says he was attacked by a man with an aluminum bat and suffered injuries to the arm back and torso.

Police say that man with the bat was James C. McKnight. He is charged with 2nd degree assault and Petit Larceny for stealing the bat used in the assault. McKnight has a prior felony conviction.

Mazziotti is charged with Criminal Mischief and 2nd Degree Harassment.

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