WATCH: Redittor Says ROC Airport Security Lady Gave Him This Note

UPDATE: The Redditor says the lady was fired.

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Here's a crazy story via Reddit (click here for that)

As I was recently traveling through Rochester NY airport, a security guard passed me a random insulting note. This video was obtained by a freedom of information request I did (It took a month to obtain the video). It shows the woman in the lower left passing notes and creating more from pieces of the glove box. After she hands me the note, I walk off not really caring but she then calls to me as I'm leaving and yells back to me a few times " You gonna open the note?" So I do and she bursts out laughing as you can see in the video. That's when I was opening and looking at the note. At the end of the video there is a picture of the note she gave me. It said "YOU UGLY!!!". On the return trip back to Rochester, NY, her supervisors were notified. I have found out this is not actual TSA but a security company the Rochester NY airport uses in place of actual TSA. Her supervisors said they would give me a call back on the 13th of this month. No call yet so I cant say how this was handled internally. As my requested video ends, she is creating another note for someone else. I'm really curious how many notes she passed to people in total.

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