UPDATE--FOTW: Churchville Woman Busted For Stealing Tip Jars

UPDATE: Irondequoit Police believe the man involved in the theft at Thai Me Up on 8/17 is 28-year-old Shane Hutt. If anyone has info on Hutt's whereabouts they ask you to call 911.



Three years hit hard for this Churchville woman (and Freak Of The Week candidate) that is accused of stealing the tip money from two Irondequoit stores.

22-year-old Marissa Stewart is charged with petit larceny after Irondequoit Police say she stole about $20 in tips from Ridge Donut on Portland Ave on August 18th.

The day before, Irondequoit PD say she served as the getaway driver for a man that stole $60 from Thai Me Up on East Ridge Road.

So far, Stewart isn't giving up the guy and police have no been able to track him down yet.

IPD is apparently looking in to see if Stewart was also involved in similar crimes around Monroe County.

Now Kimberly did some digging and pulled this Facebook photo from Stewart's page from November 2016 and apparently she's had a rough three years.

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