LISTEN: Wedding DJ Says No-Show Contractor Was Punched By Multiple People

4th Man DJ Dan called in to tell K&B about a very strange wedding he was hired for last weekend.

The event was at the very lovely Ventosa Vineyards, but the wedding party eventually got booted after things got out of hand.

You may remember Scott Pepson from his various arrests or news stories including:

Shoplifting in October 2017---> (CLICK HERE)

No-Show Contracting in December 2017---> (CLICK HERE)

DWI in December 2018---> (CLICK HERE)

No-Show Contracting in July 2019 ---> (CLICK HERE or HERE)

Well, Scott Pepson was the groom for this wedding and apparently the festivities went about as well as his prior history. We also had a 4th man call in after this phone call with DJ Dan who said he was at Ventosa Vineyards having a good time (not as part of the wedding) and witnessed the entire thing.


Wedding Disruption

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