Trisha Yearwood Opens Up About New Album 'Every Girl' And Upcoming Tour

Trisha Yearwood Opens Up About New Album 'Every Girl' And Upcoming Tour

Trisha Yearwood Opens Up About New Album 'Every Girl' And Upcoming Tour

Trisha Yearwood celebrated the release of her new album, Every Girl, with an iHeartCountry Album Release Party in Los Angeles on September 5. This is Yearwood’s first studio album since 2007’s Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love.

Since then, Yearwood has more recently been doing mostly collaborative work. In 2016 she worked on a holiday album, Christmas Together with her husband and country music icon, Garth Brooks. Two years later in 2018, she released her Frank Sinatra tribute album, Let's Be Frank. It's safe to say fans are more than happy to have Yearwood back with this new 14-track record.

Yearwood kicked off the celebratory night in Los Angeles with a performance of her 1991 classic hit off her self-titled debut album, "She's In Love With A Boy." She followed up the popular fan-favorite with a performance of her new song, "What Gave Me Away" featuring her husband, Garth Brooks. "He's the most generous and thoughtful," Yearwood gushed over Brooks. "This song is about the person who has your number, some of that you just can't explain," she explains, adding, "he's the guy, he's got my number. I couldn't imagine singing this with anyone but him."

Yearwood then transitioned into another collaboration on the new album, "Bible And A .44" featuring Patty Loveless. This heartfelt song was penned by the talented singer-songwriter, Ashley McBryde about her dad. However, Yearwood expresses, "it's really about all our dads. It's a beautiful song."

From there, the country singer played her 1994 hit, "XXX's And OOO's, immediately diving into her latest single and girl power anthem, "Every Girl In This Town." Yearwood then made the transition from the upbeat track into a slower, more melancholy song, "Workin' On Whiskey." She explains this ballad was actually the first cut on the album adding, "you guys know how much I love really depressing songs that make me happy."

After that, Yearwood delivered a strong performance of "Wrong Side Of Memphis," a song she recorded and released in 1992. Next up, she performed a new track "that's been getting a lot of attention and posts," since the album's recent release called "I'll Carry You Home."

Yearwood later opened up about how the album came together as a whole, explaining how she got to pick every song herself. "When I listened to songs for this album, I just tried to find songs that I loved, that's what you're supposed to do," she says. "Maybe that sounds kind of silly if you think 'doesn't everybody do that?' But I think there's a lot of pressures sometimes on why we should record certain songs and I didn't have any pressure."

"I made this record under my own in-print, Gwendolyn Records, named after my mom," Yearwood continues, adding, "It was really fun and freeing to get a chance to sing whatever I want." The next song up on her set list for the evening is a new song, "Find A Way," which she noted is a little different from anything she's ever done before.

To conclude the evening, Yearwood performed "Walkaway Joe" off her Hearts in Armor album featuring rock icon Don Henley, who also makes an appearance on her new album in "Love You Anyway." She ended the night with a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

The "Every Girl Tour" is Yearwood's first tour in five years and kicks off on October 3 running through December 8. "I'm ready and this band is ready. We're excited to go out on tour," she shares. "I've always said this but the best thing about country music fans, especially Trisha fans, are that they just want you to do well. They love you. Even if you screw up, they don't care." Further detail about the "Every Girl Tour" can be seen here.

iHeartCountry LIVE with Trisha Yearwood Set List:

  1. "She's In Love With The Boy"
  2. "What Gave Me Away"
  3. "Bible And A .44"
  4. "XXX's and OOO’s"
  5. "Every Girl In This Town"
  6. "Workin On Whiskey"
  7. "Wrong Side Of Memphis"
  8. "I'll Carry You Home"
  9. "Find A Way"
  10. "Walkaway Joe"
  11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Photo: Wes and Alex for iHeartRadio

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