VIDEO: Multiple Arrests After Fights At East High Friday Night

Here is some video courtesy of Monroe County Fire Wire of what was going on Friday night after the East High Football game.

Rochester Police Captain Naser Zenelovic said the fights started in and outside of the stadium and neighboring streets.

Two officers were hurt after people in the crowd threw bottles and rocks at responding officers.

Capt. Zenelovic said a 16-year-old suffered a broken nose after being jumped.

Pepper Spray and pepper balls were used to break up the crowds.

In all five total arrests were made, three juveniles and two adults.

East High School superintendent Dr. Shaun Nelms issued the following statement in response to the events:

"We had a wonderful night of football at the East stadium. Unfortunately, after a successful game there were fights outside the stadium. The Rochester police were notified immediately. We have since learned that a community issue was brought to the East campus. We are in the process of gathering information and working with Rochester Police to fully investigate this matter. Please understand that it will take time to sort out the details and make sure that the information is accurate. As always, our major concern is for students and their families. We are grateful to the Rochester Police Department for their partnership and ongoing support. We are fortunate to be part of a community in which the police department works closely with schools to ensure the safety of the entire Rochester community."

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